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Welcome to the World Taekwondo Association®

20160507 132219The World Taekwondo Association® and The World HapKido Association® We welcome you to our web-site and to your first step into the world of martial arts. Our programs are designed to provide the highest quality Martial Arts instruction in the country, from traditional poomses to the latest trends in World Taekwondo Martial Art and Competition training. Also as members of the World Hapkido Association we can offer you Hapkido and weapons training, We aim to offer you and our students the very best in Fitness and self defence and to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for kids and adults while teaching respect and discipline. We have many programs that will fit the need of any child or adult. We are a true Martial Art School with classes for men, women and children starting at the age of 5.



Our World Taekwondo and World HapKido program offers;

  • Kukkiwon Certified Instructors.
  • Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt.
  • World Taekwondo International and National Seminars.
  • Character building aspects (eg. Confidence – Respect – Fitness).
  • Competition programs regulated by the World Taekwondo Federation.
  • World HapKido Korea Certified Black Belts.
  • World HapKido International Competition and Seminars.

Experienced Instructors bring out the best in all our students and prepares them for their challenges with everyday life.


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  Kukkiwon President Oh Hyun Deuk, 

  and Master Sheamus. Seoul,  Kukkiwon meeting August 2016.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our classes. We know from experience that the journey that lies ahead will be a positive experience, for you and your family. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to see you in class soon.

When you join us, you have made the right decision.

We are Ireland's No.1 Martial Arts School.


President and Head Instructor

Master Sheamus O`Neill

World Taekwondo Association®


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